Babysitting Tips for Grandparents
Jul 10,2017  |  China Star

Nowadays, there are many working mothers who have given birth and have to return to work after their maternity leave. Babysitting involves love and affection, responsibility and dedication, so many parents will engage grandparents to take care of their newborns. Grandparents are usually thrilled when asked to babysit, not only do they love their grandchildren, but they also “like to feel needed”. For parents, they are relaxed because of the flexibility of timing and the unconditional love that their newborns receive. Howeverrents andoverlook the most important point – safety of the child. So here are some babysitting tips for the grandparents.

Do not neglect your health During babysitting, you may have to crawl, run or lift the baby quickly, so warm-up exercises are important. After babysitting for a day, always get a good night’s sleep and sufficient rest in order to maintain your energy level and agility.

Ask for instructions from parents

Although you have raised your children, you should ask your children for instructions while babysitting your grandchildren. Learn about their eating and sleeping habits and ask your children to bring food and extra clothes for the newborn. Do not over pamper your grandchildren. Many parents have rules about food and drink, so respect your children’s rules. Keep a babysitting record You should keep a babysitting record to log down the time of the meal, the types of food given, sleeping hours of the baby for the information of the parents. It is also a good reminder if your grandchild is sick for the time and amount of the medicine taken. If you have noticed any abnormal symptoms such as skin rash, you can also record it down and consult the parents if you need to contact the doctor. ⏳Time has changed As grandparents, you should understand that time has changed, so the ways that you did things then might not be relevant or realistic today. In addition, you have to learn new technology, for instance, the latest security system devices for emergency or baby monitors. How to dress your grandchild Instead of let him up, you have to dress him in layers for different temperature options as babies are not always good at regulating their own body temperature. The essential clothes for a newborn baby include onesies, sleeping bags, wrap blanket, hats, baby booties or socks. Keep your medicine out of reach of your grandchildren Keep your medicine away from them to avoid them from assuming that it is candy. Child Safety Crawling babies tend to eat anything they find on the floor, so always keep your floor clean. Check the sharp corners of your table, cabinets, electrical fittings to make e that your home is child-friendly. Put your grandchild to sleep on his back without any pillows or coverings at all and never cover him with bedding. An alternative to a blanket is sleeping bags as these are sleeveless, so he can still move his arms around while the rest of his body stays covered. Buying presents Treating your grandchildren may be one of your pleasures, the cute outfit or the chocolate chip cookie is very tempting. However, you should never go overboard. Instead of getting them electrical gadgets that their parents do not approve, get them some fun organic or non-plastic learning toys.   Be honest with expectations Most grandparents love babysitting their grandchildren, but it is important for you to talk to your children if they are expecting too much from you, or if they should inform you in advance for last-minute change of schedule. Parents should also be grateful and do not take things for granted. Always be honest and set limits from the beginning in order to avoid misunderstanding and unreal expectations.

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